SCX10 and SCX10II Forward Transmission


The motor is one of the heaviest parts to a crawler. Getting that weight forward and down low provides amazing performance in climbing and side hill stability. This transmission based off the proven AX10 moves the motor weight on your scx10 or scx10ii forward, keeping your center of gravity low so you can take on those steep and off camber obstacles with ease. Utilizing the 20t and 52t gears only your getting the gear reduction needed after your pinion and spur. This can be coupled with a variety of transfer case options listed below which can provide additional gear reduction, 1:1 ratio from the forward trans, 26% or 46% overdrive depending on what you choose. For the Scalers out there this setup also gives you the room needed to install full interior which gives you a good number of scale points as well as the points for having a transfer case.

*Required to complete

*AX10 transmission 20t and 52t gears, two 5x10x4, two 10x15x4 bearings and shafts from the stock ax10 style transmission utilizing the spur gear assembly as well.

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